Toyota GR Supra Performance and Handling Features

January 9th, 2020 by

The previous Supra model had power, but it did not have the design or engine power like the newest 2020 model. The GR Supra is an incredible feat for Toyota. The automaker has been trying to create a reliable sports coupe that delivers power while also still working as an everyday vehicle. The result is an incredibly tuned six-cylinder twin-turbo engine that delivers 335 horsepower and still gets decent mpg on the highway.

The twin-turbo engine is just the beginning of the powerful sports coupe. You can choose between different driving modes depending on how you want to take on the road. If you select sport mode, you can challenge anyone on a track with the powerful twin-turbo engine. In fact, BMW helped Toyota with the tuning of the engine, as it is the same model that’s in the BMW M340i.

You can feel the power when you press on the pedal with the latest GR Supra. Want to see what we mean? You can schedule a test drive at Caldwell Toyota or just stop by when you’re in the Conway area.

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