Toyota Corolla Hatchback Performance Features

August 29th, 2019 by

The Corolla makes driving a compact fun.

/p> The Toyota Corolla has been considered a reliable compact for decades and a car that holds its value. For 2019 and beyond, Toyota has kept its reliability reputation intact, but has put more emphasis on making the Corolla more fun to drive.
One of the keys to performance handling is the weight distribution of the car. A car that is low and wide will handle better than one that is top heavy. So Toyota has designed the Corolla with a low center of gravity to keep it close to the ground, with minimum weight shifting while maneuvering.

Toyota’s optimized suspension makes the most use of the weight configuration to minimize car roll while negotiating a corner or moving in and out of traffic. Using tried and true McPherson front struts and a trailing wishbone rear suspension insures responsiveness and tight turning.
At Caldwell Toyota, we are happy to give a customer a test drive in the new Corolla. Those who have taken the experience come away pleasantly surprised.

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